Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Baby in the House!

Well, I haven't been on here for quite some time now, but I think it's time that I let everyone in on some cool information. Just 11 days ago, my oldest son became a father at the age of 20. He taken to fatherhood like a fish to water. He is totally enjoying every second of every day worshiping the little baby. The biggest surprise was that when the child was born it turned out that it was a BOY! All this time, since February, we had been expecting a little girl. Much to my chagrin, the name that had been chosen for her (had it been a girl) was not one that I was completely pleased with. My son had decided that if it was a girl, her middle name would be Rose, after his beloved grandma, my mother. I was a bit nervous to say the least that I was going to become a grandmother at my age. Not that it doesn't happen. Just that I certainly didn't expect it. At least, not at my current age. This child was born on June 13, 2009, at 3:32 PM, after much hard work on Mikey, Alicia and my part. Nothing in the world can describe what it's like watching a child being born. They say you don't know love until you've given birth. Not true. You don't know love until you've SEEN birth. My heart fills with joy just looking at the marvel of this child. Ultimately, the most incredible child I've ever met......

Meet my grandson, Elijah Antony Cervantes.........

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's been a while....

Okay folks....I'm so very sorry, but it's been a good while since I've posted some blogs here. I've been busy, but now, my life's let up just a tad bit. And, because of that, you shall see me post more and more on here.....I think I need to gather some friends and have them add themselves on here......Hope you missed me and I'm BACK!!!!

Much love,

The cousins....

Let's get a family picture of all my cousins with the bride and groom. This picture is a bit hilarious because some of us are apparently ready for the picture to be taken and others are looking in some other funky direction. And, what's even more hilarious.....the fact that my cousins, who are the children of the bride and groom, are in the picture. The request was for nieces and nephews of the bride and groom to take this picture. I guess they had no idea that they were NOT nephew/nieces......hahahaha!

My Aunt and Uncle

This is a fabulous black and white picture of my aunt and uncle. I'm not exactly sure who took this pic, but I stole it from one of my cousins. I think one of their daughters had it posted on their myspace page. My aunt is my mom's youngest sister and my uncle is my dad's younger brother. They decided to renew their wedding vows 35 years later by a Jewish religious ceremony. It was so beautiful!! I cried *tear*. It was so much fun!!! Now, my family can't wait until I make the move.....LOL

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stephen, the Artist

My son, Stephen, is an artist. He probably wouldn't admit it, but as you can see from some of his work, that he has some talent. He doesn't inherit this gift from me. He gets this from his father. His father is also a talented artist. I don't have any proof to show you, but I've seen his work. I took this pictures yesterday so that I could post them today. I am truly enjoying my new camera. It takes awesome pictures or is it the photographer? LOL.....Needless to say, my son has some incredible talent and I must say that I am extremely jealous. I only wish I could draw a straight line. Do let me know what you think of his artwork.

Reflection Picture

I saw that my friend Myrna took a reflection picture and I decided to give that a try. I never took a picture like that before. It looked easy, but I will agree with Myrna that it was a tough shot. It took me just a few tries, but trying to focus was the most difficult part. I took this picture of my oldest son playing a video game. He had just gotten home from work and really wasn't too keen with my idea, but thankfully he played along. Not only did I capture my reflection, but I also captured the reflection of the television.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Okay....this photo may seem odd to you, but I was testing my new camera. I love the color green and I bought these shoes back in June. I don't wear them that often, but I had them on the day I after I got out of a workshop. I was laying down on my bed and I lifted my legs to get the perfect shot of my shoes up in the air. You can see the AC vent and filter along with the smoke detector. And no, it wasn't one of those drunken moments either....LOL.....(That was for Myrna). But, I did think about doing the picture a day challenge. I take odd pictures all the time and my friends will gladly tell you so. And, in case you are wondering, green is my favorite color....hence my name and my shoes.....I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.....